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The HR and payroll team supports our School community in a number of areas. We strive to enhance the employee work experience, employee well being, career fulfillment, staffing management, encourage and build a thriving workforce, provide guidance on compensation and benefits, encourage participation in training and professional development, and navigate employee relations issues in ways that maximize individual contributions to the School. 

If you are a new faculty, staff, or graduate assistant in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, we welcome you and would be delighted to assist you. 

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Monica Herrera
HR Manager, Notary Public 


Ingrid Farrell
Assistant Dean, Internal Affairs & Budget 


Dawn Green
Business Manager


Seth Hanley-Raeder


Prince Hunter
Research Coordinator


Tanisha Lee
Research Coordinator


Additional Employee Resources



Benefits functions are managed directly by the University's Benefits Office. The Human Resource Coordinator within the School can help you navigate your way through the University's processes. Please visit the links below for more information regarding specific benefit functions.


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