Technology Solutions Center (TSC)

The School's Technology Solutions Center (TSC) is your point of contact for reporting IT problems and requesting technology consultation. We offer support surrounding  IT resources, facilities, and client support/training services within the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. The TSC supports three buildings, over 100 machines, and over 100 staff and faculty - including student walk-ins.

Please report all technical problems and IT support requests directly to Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Each request is assigned to a TSC staff member, who will research the request and follow up with the requester.


Our Mission

The mission of the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation's Information Technology Group is:  

  • to provide and maintain a robust, responsive, and reliable information technology infrastructure and user support services for students, faculty and staff;

  • to integrate a comprehensive and diverse range of technologies in support of teaching, research, and learning;

  • to encourage and pursue discipline-specific research and innovations in information technology;

  • to engage internal and external constituencies in a participatory and interdisciplinary technology planning process; and

  • to achieve and sustain a competitive position in judicious and forward-thinking technology integration among regional and national institutions.

School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
3835 Campus Drive
Architecture Building, Room 0113 
College Park, MD 20742
(301) 405-6328


Full-time Staff:

Fabian Gomez
Director of Information Technology 
(301) 405-6329  

Kenny Nguyen 
Information Technology Specialist 
(301) 405-6792  

Graduate Assistants:
Anonnya Islam
Carlos Vazquez
Jihee Lee

Technology Requirements for Prospective Students

The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation requires that all students studying architecture purchase a laptop computer. Specific requirements for students studying architecture are listed below for both hardware and software. In addition to these requirements, many students also purchase monitors so that they can expand their digital workspace. 

We provide the following technical specifications to define the baseline requirements. Many software applications are available to all matriculated students.  We recommend you check the following website to see a complete list, A list of required and recommended software is listed below. Please take advantage of student discounts for software.


Preferred Hardware Specifications

VR-Ready PC laptop ~ $2,400.00 Total (Great for multi-purposes overall)

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 or greater

  • Memory (RAM): 16 GB - 32 GB DDR4

  • Hard Drive: 512 GB SSD or greater for Operating System and 1TB for data storage

  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 or RTX2060 or greater

  • Extended warranty with accidental coverage.

MacBook Pro (16 inch model) ~ $2,700.00 Total (Great for graphic design, not for VR or modeling)

KEEP IN MIND: Some coursework software are NOT compatible or supported on macOS such as AutoDesk Revit, NavisWorks and Lumion. A BootCamp partition must be configured for Windows OS so that those applications can be installed on top of Windows.

  • Processor: Intel Core i7.

  • Memory: 16GB - 32GB DDR4.

  • Hard Drive: 1TB SSD or greater.

  • GPU: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6.

  • Apple Care is highly encouraged. 

Many students also purchase monitors so that they can expand their digital workspace. Additional external storage and peripherals are recommended for workability and backup purposes.

  • External monitor 27-inch 4K monitor or larger

  • University-provided cloud storage (Google Drive and/or Box) 


Software– Approximately $ 244.00 Total

The following are the required software applications for architecture students:

Adobe Creative Suite (or Adobe Creative Cloud) -- FREE through UMD TERPware program:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe inDesign

  • Adobe Illustrator


Autodesk– FREE through Autodesk Education portal (

  • Autodesk AutoCAD

  • Autodesk Revit


Microsoft Office– FREE through UMD TERPware program

TSC Policies and Procedures

TSC Policies and Procedures

The TSC Policy and Procedures document goes over the protocols followed in the school for handling various technology related issues and requests. Please review the document below.

Training Schedule

Monthly training schedule is here! Please sign up using your UMD email address:

The Technology Solutions Center (TSC) uses Eventbrite for session registration. 

Upcoming sessions include:

  • AutoCAD

  • Revit

  • ArcGIS

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • SketchUp

  • Rhino

  • Laser Cutter 

  • 3D Printer

  • Document Output Center

TSC would also like your feedback on trainings we offer. If you have completed any training sessions with us, please fill the Training Feedback Form attached to this subsection. Email completed forms to

Computer Labs

Computer Lab Availability

Digital Media Lab (Mac Lab)


Architecture Building, Room 1115

Hours of Operation

Closed until further notice.


  • 25 Dell Precision 5820
  • 1 HP LaserJet M712 Printer

Windows Software

  • 7-zip
  • Adobe Acrobat DC 
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe Content Viewer CC
  • Adobe Forms Central
  • Adobe Bridge CC
  • ArcMAP 10.7.1
  • Argus Enterprise 11.7
  • Archicad 23
  • Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2020
  • Autodesk 3DS Max 2020
  • Autodesk Revit 2020
  • Autodesk Navisworks 2020
  • Autodesk Recap 2020
  • Blender
  • Enscape
  • eQUEST
  • Faro SCENE
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Lumion
  • MeshLab
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2019
  • QGIS
  • Rhino 6.0 
  • VRay for Rhino
  • Sefaira for Revit
  • SketchUp Pro 2020
  • SPSS 23
  • Tally
  • VLC Media Player

Digital Research Lab


Architecture Building, Room 0111

Hours of Operation



  • 35 Dell Optiplex 7050 workstations
  • 2 x HP LaserJet M712 – B/W 8.5" x 11"  and 11" X 17" laser monochrome printer


  • 7-zip
  • Adobe Acrobat DC 
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe InDesign CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe Content Viewer CC
  • Adobe Forms Central
  • Adobe Bridge CC
  • AIA Contracts
  • ArcMap 10.7.1
  • Argus Enterprise 11.7
  • Archicad 23
  • Athena Impact Estimator for Buildings
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2020
  • Autodesk 3DS Max 2020
  • Autodesk Revit 2020
  • Autodesk Navisworks 2020
  • Autodesk Recap 2020
  • Blender
  • Enscape
  • eQUEST
  • Faro SCENE 2019
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Lumion
  • MeshLab
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2019
  • QGIS
  • Rhino 6
  • VRay for Rhino 6
  • Sefaira for Revit
  • SketchUp 2020
  • SPSS 23
  • Tally
  • VLC Media Player

Caroline Hall Lab


Caroline Hall, Room 0107

Hours of Operation

  • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (UMD ID Card Access ONLY)


  • 8x Optiplex 3020 Mini Towers
  • HP Printer – B/W laser printer


  • Adobe Acrobat DC 
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Adobe In Design CC
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Adobe Content Viewer CC
  • Adobe Forms Central
  • Adobe Bridge CC
  • ArcGIS 10.6
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Earth Pro
  • Microsoft Office Suite 2019
  • SketchUp Pro 2019
  • SPSS 23

Virtual Computer Lab

A virtual computer lab is available for students to utilize remotely. Most software offered within the School can be accessed through the virtual lab. Please email us if you do not see the UMD Graphics Desktop icon once you configure the Microsoft Remote Desktop application.

Virtual computer lab information and setup:

University Help Desk (DIT)

The TSC does not support personal computers for students. However, the UMD Division of IT does provide technical support for student laptops and computers. The Terp Tech Store is located on the first floor in McKeldin Library room 1221. For more information visit

Printing and Scanning

Digital Output Center (DOC)

Location: Architecture Building, Room 0101A
Opens 24/7 hours


  1. Three Canon PRO-6000S – Up to 50" large-format color plotters.

  2. Two Xerox AltaLink C8035 – 8.5x11 & 11x17 B/W & Color copier/printer/scanner.

  3. One Oce PlotWave 345  – Up to 36” B/W large-format B/W plotter with integrated scanner of the same size.

DOC Instructions Manual:


Software Queries

How do I access and use TERPware (free software installations) from university?

Various software products are available for download and use by University of Maryland, College Park students, faculty, and staff due to agreements managed by the Division of IT between the university and software companies. Many are available for download at no cost through TERPware, the university's software download website. The list of software can be found on :

How do I obtain free software educational versions for my personal computer?

A number of companies like Autodesk, Trimble, Graphisoft and ESRI offer educational versions for their applications. The licensing period differs with programs.

  • For AutoCAD and REVIT:

  • For ArchiCAD

  • For Sketchup (Discounted Price/Not Free)

  • For Rhino (Discounted Price/Not Free)

  • For ArcGIS

What do I need to check before printing?

Files larger than 100 MB will take a considerable amount of time to process on large format printers. Export your Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign/AutoCAD/Revit file to a PDF file to save space and time. Remember to separate each page of your PDF to a single PDF file!


Printing Usage

Please refer to the “DOC Instructions Manual” booklet on how to use our large format plotters. It is also available on every lab computer desktop upon logged-in as well as laminated physical copy inside the printing room.



FAQ for New Students

How do I get access into the Architecture Building, computer labs and other related areas?

  • Building and lab access is given by the TSC- Technology Solution Center. You may email with your name and UID # or you may visit us in our office which is right across the first floor computer lab in Architecture Building.

  • Access to Caroline Hall for GAs, TAs, and RAs is also given by TSC. Have your program director email us with your name and UID # for access.

  • Access to the Fab Lab (Laser Cutter) is also given by TSC only after the student has received training on how to use the laser cutter. Please email to enroll for laser cutter training.


How do I connect with university Wi-Fi networks? 

Use the “eduroam” network. The University of Maryland has joined eduroam (education roaming), a secure, worldwide roaming internet access service developed for the international research and education community. This means that UMD students, faculty, and staff visiting member institutions abroad may use DirectoryID and Directory password to log into wireless at other member institutions.



FAQ for Faculty and Staff

How can University guests gain internet access?

Click here for details on how to gain internet access.


How can faculty, staff and student get onto the University Wi-Fi?

University personnel with valid DirectoryID and password can join the eduroam wireless network. Keep in mind that the username field is your entire email address.



Auditorium (0204) FAQ:

How do I  access/use AV in the auditorium?

The auditorium, Room 0204, is operated by the University’s Classroom Support Office ( If you need help with anything involving classrooms, from technology malfunctions to problems with the physical environment (temperature, flooding, broken or missing furniture, etc.), the single point of contact is:


Classroom Support Office

Division of Information Technology
0125 Hornbake
Phone: (301) 405-2500


Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 7:30 am to 10:00 pm
Friday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm


The TSC Provides the following support for 0204 Auditorium:

  • Daily support Monday-Friday from 7am -7pm. If you need support past daily hours, you must send mail to one week prior to an event.

  • General instructional usage on opening/closing the chalkboard, controlling volume for speakers and mic, turning on/off projector, showing powerpoint presentations, playing a DVD, and using X-Panel software to control auditorium functionality


Semester-Long Classes in the Auditorium: 

I am teaching a class in 0204. How do I find out what software is on the machine? 0204 has the same software as every other technology classroom on campus.

That list can be found here:


Can I use a flashdrive with a Powerpoint presentation?



Can I bring my laptop and plug it in to show a presentation?

Yes with appropriate adapter that support VGA connection.


What if something goes wrong with the sound, projection, or computer?

Call the technology classroom support # 52600, or 301-405-2600.


How do I schedule a class in 0204?

Contact your program director to request that your class meet in 0204.


Special Events in the Auditorium:

How do I schedule an event in 0204 – a lecture, symposium, guest speaker, etc? Contact your program representative to request for special event in 0204.


What if I want my event videotaped?

Contact the VRC,, 301-405-6321, or stop by the Architecture Library (Room 1102) to arrange to borrow the video cameras and tripods or arrange for a staff person to do the recording. This is completely dependent on staff availability. The VRC will also train you how to operate the video cameras.


Who do I contact for an additional podium, chairs, or table?

Contact the Facilities Management office There will be a fee for additional items.


How far in advance should I schedule and plan for my event?

Ideally you plan a semester ahead of time.


What if I need additional support personnel or hardware such as microphones?  

Classroom Support: 301-405-2500.


How much does it cost to rent equipment?

We do not have an official pricing schedule available, but see the list below for some of the more common items requested. Keep in mind that the listed microphone equipment is for connection to an existing AV system in a room or lecture hall and is not a portable PA type system. We do not have a portable PA system available for rental at this time.


Tech labor for setup and/or event support       $40.00 per hour

Microphone mixer                                           $10.00 per day

Mic with desk or floor stand                           $5.00 per day

Wireless mic                                                  $20.00 per day (we only have one available)

Video projector                                               $30.00 per day

Portable Tripod screen                                   $20.00 per day


A few other item groups will need to be considered before contacting us for rentals.

We will need a KFS number and department contact person for billing before we will schedule any support. Our normal hours are from 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday - Thursday and 7:00am to 5:00pm on Fridays. Microphone mixers have only four inputs. If more microphones are needed, a second mixer is required. If needed, we can make special arrangements for a trained student tech to be available for weekend event support at $20 per hour.


How do I set up a conference call with WebEx?

Click here for details on how to set up a conference call with WebEx. 


How do I install VPN to remote access on my campus computer and databases?

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) client is required to access UMD Internet resources or (if you use the UMD wireless network) when you want to encrypt your Internet communications. It is used when you are remotely accessed to your UMD campus computers or databases. 

The PDF below shows a step by step installation process.

Contact TSC