Mission | Vision | Values


The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation advances education, scholarship, and professional practice towards just and resilient communities. We promote social justice, cultural diversity, resource conservation, and economic opportunity through excellence in architectural design, urban planning, historic preservation, and real estate development.


With a half century of excellence in research, education, and practice in the built environment disciplines of architecture, community planning, historic preservation, and real estate development, the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation will lead in innovative and community focused-education for future generations of scholars and practitioners, and in tackling the big challenges of our times through creative and pioneering research and practice solutions. Our work together will be driven by our values of social justice, resilience, critical inquiry, innovation, collaboration, and leadership, toward a goal of inspiring and enriching our communities and crafting places that matter for all.


The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation holds these values as central to the philosophy that guides our research, teaching, and practice for the built environment:  



We promote a resilient, adaptive built environment that is rooted in sustainable communities, new and old, respecting the natural environment and diverse cultures.


We value social justice through a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We educate and empower students to promote these values in their personal lives and professional practice.


We promote critical inquiry to advance knowledge and benefit society through creative and innovative approaches to studying and enhancing the built environment.


We encourage innovative and engaged research, education, and professional practice that promotes meaningful transformation in the built environment.


We collaborates across disciplines and communities to ensure people-centered approaches to shaping the built environment. Through interdisciplinary alliances, we help communities leverage their assets and realize their collective aspirations.


We develop enlightened and empathetic leaders who advance our values by respecting local knowledge in balance with specialized knowledge.