Stormwater Financing and Outreach

Effectively managing stormwater is one of the greatest challenges faced by communities throughout the Chesapeake Bay region. Like all infrastructure, stormwater management systems, including low impact development practices, require long-term care and maintenance.  As communities struggle to best allocate limited resources, stormwater management systems are frequently overlooked until an emergency occurs, costing millions in damages and repairs, or until a mandate forces a community to take action.

The issue of paying for stormwater, incorporating both gray and green infrastructure practices, looms even larger as Chesapeake Bay communities deal with regulations including Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Phase I and Phase II Permits, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirements, and Watershed Implementation Plans.  Although often an effective driver, these federal and state mandates are not always accompanied by the type of technical assistance, information, and resources needed to successfully guide the development and implementation of sustainable stormwater management plans.

The Stormwater Financing and Outreach Unit was created to address communities’ stormwater financing questions and help craft a strategy that best meets local needs.  The unit provides a host of technical assistance opportunities working one-on-one with communities throughout the region, with a set of regional entities and/or stormwater stakeholders from state, local, and nongovernmental organizations to provide stormwater management and financing support.

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Stormwater Financing and Outreach Projects