Sustainable Maryland

In 2012, the EFC launched the Sustainable Maryland (SM) program, a free and voluntary certification and outreach program that helps Maryland communities choose a direction for their greening efforts; complete their chosen actions with help from program tools, trainings, case studies, and other resources; and be recognized for their accomplishments. Sustainable Maryland offers a menu of actions, allowing communities to choose activities specific to their needs and plan across community priorities to achieve multiple community benefits.  As a cornerstone of SM, the EFC developed Green Team Training, which seeks to establish a municipal body of engaged citizens interested in promoting sustainability initiatives. This Green Team platform has been successfully introduced to municipalities across the state and has provided the needed capacity to empower communities to take action. Comprising a cross-section of citizens from the community, including municipal officials, students, business owners, and other engaged citizens, the Green Team harnesses the passions and professional expertise of residents and brings them to bear on sustainability projects, providing a robust platform for advancing sustainability in Maryland. The unique platform of the Action Menu and the formation of Green Teams provides communities with a clear path towards sustainability. Today there are 88 registered communities in the program of which 46 are currently certified.  


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