Architecture Degrees

Master of Architecture
The Master of Architecture (M. ARCH) degree is the NAAB-accredited professional degree. The accredited professional degree is the first step for individuals interested in pursuing a path toward licensure as a practicing architect in North America.

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture
The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree track is an intensive liberal arts degree track that empowers students to explore a variety of interests and apply their knowledge to diverse career opportunities, including graduate study in architecture.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
The Bachelor of Science in Architecture is an accelerated four-year pre-professional program designed to dovetail with the Master of Architecture, our NAAB-accredited professional degree (and with similar Master of Architecture degrees offered at other institutions).

Interdisciplinary Dual Degrees
The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation offers more than a dozen dual-degree options for students who wish to explore beyond a singular discipline, capitalizing on the depth and breadth of offerings of the University of Maryland.

Construction Project Management Minor
A minor in construction project management offers a working knowledge of construction management concepts, tools, and techniques for effective project management and team collaboration. The minor is administered by the A. James Clark School of Engineering, exclusively for students of MAPP or the Clark School.

Certificate in Urban Design
The Certificate in Urban Design offers to graduate students enrolled in the Master of Architecture the opportunity to be graduated with added expertise and enhanced credentials in urban design.


Architecture thesis critique.
Architecture thesis critique in action.