Master of Community Planning + Master of Landscape Architecture (LACP)

The dual master’s program in Community Planning and Landscape Architecture combines key elements of the Master of Community Planning and the Master in Landscape Architecture. Students have two options for the landscape architecture portion of the dual degree. Those who did not major in landscape architecture as undergraduates will be enrolled in the three-year MLA First Professional Degree Curriculum. Those students who already have a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture will enroll in LARC’s two-year Post-Professional Degree Program.

The dual degree enables students to complete the MCP and either of the two MLA degrees in a shorter period of time that if they earned one degree first and then enrolled in the other degree program, as shown in the "Curriculum" section.

Applicants for the dual degree in community planning and landscape architecture should use following four-letter code on the online application: LACP

The application deadline is December 1, 2022 for domestic applicants and September 29, 2023 for international applicants.