Master of Community Planning + Juris Doctor (LCPL)

The University of Maryland School of Law on the Baltimore campus (UMB) will accept up to nine credits of Master of Community Planning (MCP) coursework towards the Juris Doctor (JD) degree, and the Urban Studies and Planning Program will accept up to nine credits of JD coursework towards the MCP degree. This means that students who complete both programs can save up to 18 credits.

Applicants must apply to each program separately and be accepted by both programs. Only grades of B or better may be transferred. Credits from the MCP program can be transferred to the Law program only if they are taken while the student is enrolled in the Law program and vice versa. This means that students cannot take advantage of the transfer of credits if they have already completed either of the programs.

Applicants for the dual degree in community planning and Juris Doctor should use following four-letter code on the online application: LCPL

For more information about the Law program, visit The University of Maryland School of Law.

The application deadline is January 12, 2024.