Historic Preservation TA/GA Information

Graduate Assistantships

The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation provides a number of graduate and teaching assistantships each semester. Appointments are considered on the basis of academic and professional qualifications.

Appointments typically carry a stipend of approximately $4,580 and five (5) credits of tuition remission, but some positions provide a higher stipend and more credits of tuition remission. Graduate and teaching assistants (GAs and TAs) are charged the in-state rate for tuition credits not covered by tuition remission. Assistantships also include participation in the employees’ health benefits program. The assistantship, does not, however, cover the cost of mandatory fees. Additional policies and other information about assistantships can be found in the The Graduate Catalog.

GAs and TAs are required to sign a contract and work 10 hours per week (or more depending on the position) for the contract period. This includes hours during the GA/TA workweek prior to the start of each semester to make up for hours during the break.

Grant/Contract Hourly Positions

The HISP program regularly works on grant/contract-funded projects for agencies such as the National Park Service.These projects provide students with direct fieldwork and administrative experience in preservation along with the opportunity to earn income on an hourly basis. Application for these positions is made through the program director.

Contact Susan Kern, HISP Program Director