Historic Preservation Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid will be your primary source of information regarding loans and other types of aid. You should work directly with that office's expert staff to identify the kinds of aid that are available to you.



Graduate Assistantships on campus


Financial Aid for: 


Graduate Assistantships

The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation provides a number of graduate and teaching assistantships each semester. Appointments are considered on the basis of academic and professional qualifications.

Appointments typically carry a stipend of approximately $4,580 and five (5) credits of tuition remission, but some positions provide a higher stipend and more credits of tuition remission. Graduate and teaching assistants (GAs and TAs) are charged the in-state rate for tuition credits not covered by tuition remission. Assistantships also include participation in the employees’ health benefits program. The assistantship, does not, however, cover the cost of mandatory fees.  Additional policies and other information about assistantships can be found in the The Graduate Catalog.


GAs and TAs are required to sign a contract and work 10 hours per week (or more depending on the position) for the contract period. This includes hours during the GA/TA workweek prior to the start of each semester to make up for hours during the break.


For more information about assistantships, please contact the program director:

Donald Linebaugh

Grant/Contract Hourly Positions

The Historic Preservation program regularly works on grant/contract-funded projects for agencies such as the National Park Service. These projects provide students with direct fieldwork and administrative experience in preservation along with the opportunity to earn income on an hourly basis. Application for these positions is made through the program director.


David P. Fogle Travel Scholarship

Since its endowment in 2000, the David P. Fogle Travel Fellowship has provided annual awards for students enrolled in the Historic Preservation Program or academic units in the school to support summer travel abroad. To apply for the fellowship, contact the historic preservation director.


Leonard and Betty Crewe Endowment for Historic Preservation

The purpose of this endowment, established in 1992 by Leonard and Betty Crewe, is to support students in the study abroad programs at Kiplin Hall in North Yorkshire, England. To apply for funding, contact the historic preservation director.


Oxon Hill Manor Foundation Endowment

This fund, established in 2001 by the Oxon Hill Manor Foundation, provides financial support to students through assistantships that allow them to engage in hands-on historic renovation and restoration projects within the state of Maryland. The assistantship is awarded each year to a member of the incoming student cohort.


St. Clair Wright Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1999 in recognition of the contributions made by Anne St. Clair Wright, founder and former leader of Historic Annapolis and a dedicated volunteer preservationist credited with saving the historic district of Annapolis. This cash award is presented annually to a historic preservation student to encourage them "to demonstrate the qualities of activism and dedication in the field of preservation," which Mrs. Wright exemplified. The scholarship is awarded each spring to a current or graduating student based on the consensus of the historic preservation faculty. 


The Prince George’s Heritage Preservation Fellowship

Established in 1991 by Margaret Cook, this fellowship is an annual competitive award given to a historic preservation student who undertakes a study related to Prince George's County. Students wishing to compete for the PGH Fellowship should contact the historic preservation director.


The Jon C. Graff Prize in Historic Preservation

The Jon C. Graff Prize in Historic Preservation was established and endowed by Dr. Graff to support advanced graduate students in their transition from the program into the field of preservation. The prize will be presented to one or more students annually, and includes a commemorative medal and a financial award, which may be used to pay for travel and attendance at a conference, to support independent research, or to pursue other avenues of professional advancement of their choice. The first awardees of the prize were Daniela Tai (ARHP ‘19) and Paula Nasta (URPD doctoral student).


Mildred Colodny Diversity Scholarship

The Mildred Colodny scholarship seeks to increase the diversity of people pursuing degrees and careers in historic preservation in the United States through. The scholarship provides financial assistance and experiential learning opportunities to individuals preparing for careers in historic preservation through graduate study. Applicants are culturally diverse and committed to pursuing careers in the field of historic preservation. The scholarship includes an internship and mentorship opportunities provided by the Trust.