The 21st Century Comprehensive Plan Lecture Series

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Planning practice is changing dramatically to address the need for more sustainable, resilient, and equitable communities. As the leading policy document guiding the long-range development of local communities in the U.S., the comprehensive plan has key role to play in this transition. Offered in conjunction with URSP 6881: The Comprehensive Plan, this series will feature leading practitioners speaking on how contemporary plans are engaging critical 21st century issues.


7:00 - 8:00 pm via Zoom

September 19   |   "Comprehensive Planning in Maryland" - Chris Jakubiak, Principal, Jukabiak & Associates, Inc.

October 3   |   "Planning for Equity" - Silvia Vargas, Principal Planner, Calvin Giordano & Associates

October 10   |   "Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan" - John Zeanah, Director, Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development

October 17   |   "Lancaster County places2040 Comprehensive Plan" - Scott Standish, Executive Director, Lancaster County, PA Planning Commission

October 31   |   "Planning for Climate Change" - Matt Bucchin, Director of Planning, Halff Associates

November 28   |   "Planning in an Era of Disruptive Change" - David Rouse, Course Instructor

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