Real Estate Development Degrees

Master of Real Estate Development
The Master of Real Estate Development degree embraces a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to real estate education addressing all facets of the industry, including planning, property management, finance, and construction. The foundation of our program centers on the Quadruple Bottom Line, underscoring the importance of economic viability, environmental respect, social responsibility and beautiful design.

Bachelor of Arts in Real Estate and the Built Environment
The major in Real Estate and the Built Environment expands the traditional, narrowly focused, business approach to real estate, finance, investment and management, providing students with broad perspectives that come from the multitude of disciplines that make up the modern practice of real estate. 

Interdisciplinary Dual Degrees
The School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation offers more than a dozen dual-degree options for students who wish to explore beyond a singular discipline, capitalizing on the depth and breadth of offerings of the University of Maryland.

Real Estate Development Minor 
The real estate development minor provides students a comprehensive overview of sustainable real estate development, including finance, urban planning, and design and the roles of government and the private sector. The real estate minor provides a head start for students interested in pursuing a Master of Real Estate Development.

Certificate in Real Estate Development
The Real Estate Development Program offers a 12-21 credit graduate certificate of professional studies in real estate development.


Eastern Exchange
"The Eastern Exchange" by Merixia Kunjal won First Prize at the Spring 2024 Colvin Capstone Competition.