Hendricks Discusses the Human Toll of Recovery with CNN

By Maggie Haslam / Dec 21, 2021

Marrcus Hendricks at a stormwater site visit
Image Caption
Marrcus Hendricks by a new sensor that will be used for stormwater analysis. Photo courtesy of Tara Burke.

Assistant Professor Marccus Hendricks, who directs the University of Maryland Stormwater Infrastructure Resilience and Justice (SIRJ) Lab, talked to CNN about the timeline of disaster recovery—in this case, after Hurricane Ida devastated Manhattan—and the enduring toll it takes on displaced families. "When it comes to disasters, we tend to overly focus on disaster recovery in the context of rebuilding structures as opposed to re-establishing social systems and processes," Hendricks told CNN. "The traditions and the social capital and the networks and celebrating holidays are part of re-establishing those social systems and processes—but we don't focus on those things."

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