EFC Releases New MOST Center Course: Funding Urban Forestry Programs

By Medessa Burian / May 14, 2020


The Environmental Finance Center and the MOST Center are pleased to announce a new online course - Funding Urban Forestry Programs.

                                                  Funding Urban Forestry

Urban trees provide a wealth of well-documented environmental, social, and economic benefits to communities. They are a cost-effective component of stormwater management programs as well as powerful carbon sinks and oxygen producers improving air quality, enhancing public health, and contributing to climate change mitigation. Given the many benefits that trees provide, this course will help communities overcome the principal barrier for increasing urban tree canopies: the lack of adequate funding to plan and carry out tree planting and maintenance programs. This course presents practical strategies for funding and financing municipal urban tree canopy programs in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. While the primary target audience includes policy makers and urban forestry managers in towns and cities throughout the region, the content may be of interest to anyone involved in promoting the development and maintenance of thriving community forests.

                                                Register NOW and earn 1.5 contact hours!!!

Also, check out our companion publication:  Financing Urban Tree Canopy Programs: A Guidebook for Municipalities in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed .

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