Urban Design Project

Based on the lessons learned in ARCH 654/655 and knowledge acquired from previous assignments in this course, the main objective of this final assignment is to propose a Master Plan for a dense urban site. The two sites available are: Perkins Homes (Eden street + Bank St + South Ethel + E Pratt St) in Baltimore, MD and McMillian Sand Filtration Site (near The Children’s National Hospital and the Catholic University of America) in Washington, DC. All drawings and diagrams were created manually. 

A developer wants to introduce mixed-use buildings, recreational areas and open spaces on the site. Vital components of the program are safety, create a strong sense of community, and greenery.  As a way to evoke safety, the developer wants to have as many streets as possible to be pedestrian-friendly.

Furthermore, the developer wants to avoid a “sea of vehicles” on the site (no parking lots) and would prefer for parking to be either below grade, sandwiched between floors of buildings or have a parking structure in the perimeter of the site. Pedestrian-friendly streets may incorporate lanes dedicated for bicycles and scooters next to walking lanes for strolling. Streets should incorporate greenery to provide shade, clean air and privacy for residents; this could be in the form of trees, hedges, lawn, etc. 

The developer wants residents to interact and enjoy new public spaces. To achieve this goal, the design of a plaza or town square is a requirement. This plaza should have a transformative quality, in which it can be used for public gatherings (such as rallies, weddings or music events), as an open market place for temporary fruit and flower vendors, and other communal events.

Semester / Year
Spring 2021

Team Members

Juanita Li
Philip Dayao
Eric Resnick

Faculty Advisors

Program / Center Affiliation