Architecture Summer Internship

The I&L Intern Program is a 12-week program for students interested in project management, master  planning, data analytics, engineering fields, architecture/interior design, and supply chain/business  management operations. In addition to gaining valuable work experience, interns will gain substantial  exposure to NSA’s mission operations through I&L’s supporting functions and tours of various sites.  Interns will have the opportunity to interact with leaders on a daily basis and receive unparalleled  mentorship and professional development. The internship will culminate in a final presentation to  Senior Leadership, describing their project impact and summer experience at the NSA. By the end of the  program, students will be skillful in their understanding of the infrastructure backbone of an intelligence  agency. 

Please visit and select the “NSA Summer Internship” job posting most  relevant to your skill background to apply. The job ad will close on October 31st. Students may email with any questions throughout the process.  

Applicable areas of study include, but are not limited to: 



Interior Design 

Urban Development/City Planning



Fort Meade, MD
Program / Center Affiliation
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