Getting the MOST for Maryland Black Mayors

EFC, in partnership with Maryland Black Mayors, Inc. (MBM) created a training program to educate and better connect MBM elected officials and staff with stormwater management solutions. The training program includes in-person workshops, MOST Center online courses, facilitated peer-to-peer discussion forums, and matchmaking with local watershed groups and technical service providers. The EFC and MBM are working with trainees ranging from elected officials like Mayors and Council Members to staff like Town Managers and Public Works Directors from six municipalities in Prince George’s County. The primary goal is to improve local decision makers’ understanding of the value of addressing stormwater management, participating in clean water programs, and better connecting their constituents with funding opportunities and resources.

Building on the success of the training program, EFC is also partnering with MBM and the Anacostia Watershed Society to continue its work with these six communities. The next phase of the project will reinforce principles learned with regards to stormwater management, provide MBM communities the real-world experience of engaging homeowners and residents in stormwater management practices, and install residential-scale best management practices such as conservation landscapes, trees, and rain barrels to actively reduce community stormwater runoff. Ultimately, this project will provide community leaders with the skill-set needed to educate residents about stormwater management and empower them to identify opportunities for greater implementation of best management practices.





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