Prince George’s County Climate Action Planning Services

The Environmental Finance Center (EFC) is supporting the Prince George’s County Department of Environment (DoE) in their effort to develop and adopt a County Climate Action Plan (CAP). EFC is providing the County with technical support in the development of greenhouse gas inventories, climate action and resilience plans, and translating technical language for a wide variety of stakeholders. Our staff is offering professional-level facilitation for community stakeholder engagement, local government planning, and group decision-making processes to ensure that DoE working groups and planning meetings are inclusive, effective, and results oriented. EFC is also assisting with various coordination services including organizing working groups; collaborating with partners; collecting and analyzing stakeholder and residential feedback; and managing deadlines. Additionally, EFC will help lead and inform County leadership and the public through “Climate 101” workshops and focused presentations.

For additional information or to view the County's draft Climate Action Plan, please visit their website here


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