Brandy Espinola Headshot

Brandy Espinola

Program Manager, Environmental Finance Center
Climate, Resilience
1203 Preinkert


Brandy Espinola first joined the EFC in 2012 and currently is focused on the Sustainable Maryland program and the Maryland Smart Energy Communities program.  Prior to joining EFC full time, she worked for the Community Foundation of Prince George’s County where she helped to enhance the organization’s fundraising strategy, assisted in the grant-making process to local nonprofits, and supported the foundation’s workforce development initiative. In addition to her background in local philanthropy, Brandy has a strong passion for travel and international development. She has traveled through Peru, Chile, and Argentina and has studied abroad in Indonesia, where she focused on the interconnections between environmental problems and development issues. Through the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, Brandy has worked in Israel, Jordan, and India, where she was able to integrate her passion for philanthropy with her background in environmental sustainability.

Master of Public Policy
University of Maryland
Master of Science in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology
University of Maryland