Connecting Capital with Pennsylvania Farmers Using Regenerative Farming Practices to Drawdown Carbon

The University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center (EFC) partnered with TeamAg to promote business plans for regenerative farming practices targeting Pennsylvania farms that are interested in expanding soil health practices. These farm business plans combine current U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) protocol with carbon tracking protocols such as COMET-Farm to help document carbon sequestering practices that can be converted to new revenue.

The EFC developed enterprise-level financial analyses to help in the decision process of regenerative practices for individual farms. This was executed through a three-stage plan that consisted of assessment and planning, data collection and analysis, and preparation of business plans for regenerative farming practices. This process produced enterprise results which include break-even cost and pricing points for the incorporation of regenerative farming practices into farm business plans. Ultimately, farmers' knowledge regarding costs and benefits of regenerative farming practices will potentially increase the prevalence of the soil practices that improve revenue.

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