Real Estate Development Minor

Undergraduates with an interest in real estate can now complete a minor in real estate development. The minor provides students with an overview of sustainable real estate development, including the development process, the basics of real estate finance, urban planning and design and the unique roles of government and the private sector. 

Students will take four core classes and choose one elective from a wide range of classes, including those in architecture, landscape architecture, sustainability, business, economics, political science and public policy. The syllabi for the four core classes can be found below in the PDF format.

The minor is particularly suited to students with an interest in careers related to real estate and the built environment, such as architecture, business, construction management, civil engineering, historic preservation, local government, non-profit housing, public-private partnerships, landscape architecture, urban planning, or related entrepreneurial ventures.

Please see Fact Sheet in the Curriculum section for more information about the real estate development minor.



Visit the Courses page to view all courses offered by the Real Estate Development Program. 

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