Financial Aid

We are committed to working with every prospective and continuing student to assist in identifying sources of financial aid, scholarships, work study opportunities, and graduate assistantships.

The Office of Student Financial Aid will be your primary source of information regarding loans and other types of aid. You should work directly with that office's expert staff to identify the kinds of aid that are available to you.



Graduate Assistantships on campus


Financial Aid for: 



Architecture Program Education Abroad Scholarships
The architecture program has certain endowed scholarships that support architecture students in ARCH Education Abroad venues. These scholarship funds are available on a competitive basis. 

Graduate Internship - Scholarship Opportunities
Annually graduate students in the architecture program benefit from the generous support of local firms committed to developing the next generation of leaders in architecture.  These opportunities provide students with paid internships as well as significant scholarship support. 

Merit Scholarships
The architecture program has certain endowed and annual scholarships that recognize extraordinary academic achievements of students. These merit scholarship funds are available on a competitive basis and are available to continuing students in the Architecture Program.

TA/GA Information

The Architecture Program invites applications from qualified continuing and newly admitted graduate students for a limited number of teaching, administrative, and research positions. The Director of the Architecture Program, in consultation with faculty members and appropriate staff will make the final determination of TA and GA assignments. TA and GA positions are awarded on the basis of academic and professional qualifications.

The positions listed in the ARCH Graduate Assistant Position Descriptions constitute the range of assignments typically offered in the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Because of limited resources, these positions are typically reserved for Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Architecture* students only. All positions are subject to availability and funding. All applicants to the M ARCH and MS in ARCH degree programs are automatically considered for TA or GA positions at the time of admission review. Following determination of admission status, individuals who are granted admission to the Architecture Program may be requested to complete the Graduate Assistant Application Form.


Graduate assistantships carry a stipend ($3,500-$4,100) per semester for 10 hours / week service), five credit hours of tuition remission per semester, qualification for in-state tuition rates, and eligibility for participation in the University of Maryland health benefits system.

Minimum Qualifications:

Qualified continuing and newly admitted graduate students, in good academic standing in the Architecture program. Students must be enrolled in coursework in the graduate school maintaining a full-time status (9 credit hours/semester or higher).

Deadlines for Application:

Newly Admitted Graduate Students - The deadline for submission of a completed graduate assistant application form is: March 15, 2020 5:00 PM.

Continuing Graduate Students -  The deadline for submission of a completed graduate assistant application form is: April 15, 2020 5:00 PM.

Submission of Applications:

To complete an application for a teaching assistantship, graduate assistantship, or research assistantship, please visit:

The Architecture Program Director will inform GA and TA applicants of the status of their application via email. If you receive a GA or TA position, you will be notified of your actual assignment in July. The Director will provide you with a contract outlining your duties and responsibilities. It is important for you to review the contract thoroughly as it is a legal document and when you sign it you are legally bound to the terms outlined therein. Prior to the beginning of the semester there will be a GA and TA orientation conducted by Monica Herrera, the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation HR representative. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory.


* The Master of Science in Architecture is currently not accepting applicants.