MAPP Staff

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Fabian Gomez
Fabian Gomez
Director of Information Technology
Dawn Green Headshot
Dawn Green
Business Manager
Seth Hanley-Raeder
Seth Hanley
Business Coordinator
Monica Herrera Headshot
Monica Herrera
Payroll and Benefits Coordinator
Notary Public
Christine Cestello Hinojosa Headshot
Christine Cestello Hinojosa
Director, Communications and External Relations
Executive Committee Member, reACT ThinkTank
Kate Howell headshot
Kathryn Howell
Director, National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education
Associate Professor, Urban Studies & Planning Program
Prince Hunter headshot
Prince Hunter
Assistant Director
Brian Kelly
Brian Kelly, AIA
Associate Dean for Development and Faculty Affairs; Professor, Architecture Program
Susan Kern
Susan Kern
Director, Historic Preservation Program
Gerrit Knaap Headshot
Gerrit Knaap
Associate Dean for Research
Professor and Associate Dean
Adrienne Leihy
Adrienne Leihy
Accounting Associate