This project deals with defining space(s) literal or implied for a marketplace using a limited number of architectural elements or kit of parts. The project requires students to organize and define spaces that are influenced by the use of a 10’x10’ grid system, ideas about sequence, and interpretations of the program. The marketplace will be an open environment (no glazing or doors). People are able to move freely through the spaces. During the day flower and fruit vendors will occupy the site. At nighttime, spaces are to be used for social gatherings.

The kit of parts include: a 60’x60’ base, columns, walls, beams, overhead plane(s) and a cylindrical object.


Semester / Year
Spring 2021

Team Members

Noorah Baukman
Noah Carpenter
Binyomin Goldenberg
Baheera Mariska
Shannon Sinnicki

Faculty Advisors

Program / Center Affiliation