Livestock Teaching Pavilion at the UMD Campus Farm: Design for the Farm of the Future

In Spring 2022, nine architecture graduate students were challenged to design a new Livestock Teaching Pavilion for the University of Maryland Campus Farm. The work was undertaken as a 6-week project assignment in ARCH 407, taught by Michael Ezban, Clinical Assistant Professor of Architecture.

The design of the Livestock Teaching Pavilion is guided by three tenets. The architecture 1) enables diverse opportunities for experiential learning; 2) fosters various agro-ecologies and multi-species interrelationships; and 3) achieves sustainability by employing historical wisdom and contemporary technologies.

Alongside building design, students also visited and documented the Campus Farm, developed program analysis, explored relevant case studies, and analyzed a range of potential structural and building systems.

Semester / Year
Spring 2022

Team Members

Paul Abel
Maha Alamri
Emily Clark
Kiara Clark
Liam Jones
Nick Majka
Katherine McClure
Dylan Spanier
Joe Tannir

Faculty Advisors

Program / Center Affiliation
Research and Creative Practice Areas

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