The team's task within the 2023 Barbara G. Laurie NOMA Student Design Competition is to create a unified site that integrates mixed-income housing, commercial/retail spaces, and community areas, all with a focus on fostering sustainable community growth. The project's primary goal is to restore Albina's identity and encourage collaboration between Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and the community. The competition requires a comprehensive master plan and site strategy encompassing all program components, along with detailed designs for a maximum of two specific elements.

The Knot, envisioned as Albina's new cultural and community hub, embodies the resilience of the initial Black community. Its purpose is to revive community identity and engagement by featuring a diagonal pedestrian corridor leading to a central plaza surrounded by five key community amenities: The Albina Produce Market, Business Incubators, Brewery, Fitness Center, and Mixed Affordable housing. The "Knot" strategy enhances connectivity between Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and the community. Landscaping and architecture are thoughtfully designed to create inviting outdoor spaces, establishing The Knot as a cultural hub. The exterior design includes brick facades, green walls, and artistic storefronts, while sustainable mass timber structures inside ensure both environmental sustainability and comfort. In essence, The Knot pays homage to Albina's historical significance, representing unity and optimism for a brighter future.

If you need a web accessible version of the competition board PDF below, please contact Jelena Dakovic at
Semester / Year
Fall 2023

Team Members

Linh Nguyen - Team leader
Alvaro Nunez
Yash Agarwal
Symone Stephens
Simon Granados
Crystal Ndungu

Faculty Advisors

Program / Center Affiliation

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