We the People: Reframing Social + Spatial Justice in 2020-21

ZOOM Session
Dr. Brandi Summers headshot in front of a pink square with a black pencil-like border

Please join the first 2021 URPD We the People seminar featuring Dr. Brandi Summers, Assistant Professor at University of California, Berkeley Wednesday, February 17th at 12:30 p.m.

In the first year of a new decade, 2020 forced many Americans to restrict how we socialize and gather, to stand in solidarity against racial injustice, and to imagine change for the future. The global pandemic, Black Lives Matter Movement, and Presidential Election reveals a pivotal time for our society and culture here in the United States, asking the question: Who are We the People? This speaker series hopes to explore how these events will reframe social and spatial justice ideologies and practice for architects, urban planners, preservationists, real estate developers, and academics. 



Hosted by PhD Urban Planning Seminar Group
2020-21 Speaker Series

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