OUTSIDE EVENT: Lakeland - Heritage, Loss and the Quest for Restorative Justice

Thu, Feb 25 2021, 2 - 3:30pm
ZOOM Session

Hosted by:
University of Maryland Emeritus/Emerita Association (UMEEA)

Moderated by:
Mary Corbin Sies, Affiliated Faculty and Associate Professor of American Studies
Lakeland Community Heritage Project Board Member

Did you know that there was once a thriving African American Community called Lakeland adjacent to the University, stretching from Route 1 in College Park to Lake Artemesia Park? Disrupted over the years by urban renewal, including actions by the city of College Park, the Maryland National Parks and Planning Commission, and the University of Maryland, Lakeland is still home to community members working to preserve its legacy and to seek restorative justice.

Join us for a panel discussion of Lakeland’s history, the effort to preserve its heritage, and its current quest for justice.


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