Bioclimatic Design: Research at Assateague State Park

This research study, conducted in the graduate course, ARCH600/611, Integrated Design Studio, and in coordination with the PALS program, began with a shared vision that people and nature can co-exist in a mutually beneficial relationship. Angela Baldwin, Park Manager at Assateague State Park, and her colleagues from NOAA, the Maryland Park Service, the Chesapeake Coastal Service, and other DNR offices, challenged the University of Maryland team to test this vision in the design of a new day use facility for Assateague State Park, a much-beloved, special place that is increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.



Graduate Assistants

  • Juanita Li
  • Upasana Kaku (also listed below as studio participant)
  • Vincenza Perla (also listed below as studio participant)



  • Austin Benham
  • Ben Bernstein
  • Cristhy Centeno
  • Selina Dandy
  • Marcelino Defngin
  • Andrew Degroff
  • Nicholas Dibella
  • J. Chase Edwards
  • Talha Gursoy
  • Samanty Habib
  • Almas Haider
  • Maisha Islam
  • Samantha Jamero
  • Talisha Jenkins
  • Upasana Kaku
  • Yan Konan
  • Jihee Lee
  • Marco Loh
  • James Long
  • Abigail Spencer
  • Farasat Mirza
  • Miguel Rangel
  • Vincenza Perla
  • Austin Register
  • Lea Roberts
  • Jamal Smith
  • Judy Tram
  • Daryl Vargas
  • Carlos Vazquez




600/611 Teaching Team


2021 Kea Professor

  • Patricia Rhee, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects


Client Representatives

  • Angela Baldwin, Park Manager, Assateague State Park
  • Kate Vogel, NOAA Coastal Management Fellow
  • Meghan Rhode, Assistant Manager, Assateague State Park
  • LeeAnne Chandler, Chief of Planning at Maryland Park Service
  • Sandi Olec, Natural Resources Planner at Chesapeake Coastal Service
  • Mary Owens, Director of Planning and Conservation Programs (DNR)



  • Tom Wheeler, Cox Graae and Spack
  • Gary Strand, Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger
  • Robert Gunter, Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger
  • Maria Casarella, VMDO Architects
  • Tom Hackshaw, Wyant Wyant Heating & Air, Inc 
  • Ben Roush, FSi Consulting Engineers
  • Nik Vigener, Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger
  • Chris Elcock, GWWO Architects
  • Ron Gallant, Gallant Mechanical Services


PALS Program

  • Kimberly Fisher, Director
  • Alondra Morales Luna, Graduate Assistant 
  • Barbara Kuhn Gusack, Program Assistant
  • Catharine Madsen, Project Documentation Coordinator
Semester / Year
Fall 2021

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