Spain: Urbanism, Gardens, Architecture, and Detail in Andalucia

This region of Spain offers perhaps the best place on Earth to study the connections between urban design and its verdant counterpart, gardens, with the architecture that creates them, the detail of the architecture that enriches them, and the influence of cultures which affect them.

In Andalucía, the broad sweep of history brings together three of the great traditions in architecture - The Gothic, Islamic, and European Classical. The history, culture and architecture of the Moors mixed with the early Christian and Jewish people and architecture which they conquered, plus the architecture covering the 16th throughout 19th centuries built after the Catholic reconquering of Iberia, has created some of our most thrilling architecture and garden compositions. Examples of the most wonderful urban architecture, often with some of the most dazzling architectural details to be found anywhere, makes the unique blending of cultures and architectural traditions in Andalucía so rich in learning opportunities.


By participating in this program you will:

  • Develop an ability to synthesize ideas in your design thinking, and in your interpretation of existing works, through free hand drawing, diagramming, and representation through manual visualizations. This in turn will inform and enhance your pursuits in digital representations upon your return.
  • Enrich your ability to think about architecture as part of the built environment. Gain an understanding of how to create beautiful urban places, gardens, exterior and interior public places for people. You will learn to be broad minded enough to consider multiple scales of design thinking at one time, and you will be taught to move between scales as a way to improve the outcomes of your studio projects.
  • Develop your freehand drawing skills through drawing exercises of the cities, gardens, and buildings of Andalucía.
Semester / Year
Winter 2021

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