Stormwater Financing Strategies for the Capitol Region Council of Governments (PA)

Municipalities across the Pennsylvania portion of the Chesapeake Bay watershed are grappling with how to meet MS4 and Chesapeake Bay Pollution Reduction Plan requirements, as well as local water quality and nutrient reduction goals.  Some of these municipalities are new to the MS4 program and some have had permits before but have not been required to include projects to address the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. 

The EFC worked with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to help municipalities in the Capital Region of Pennsylvania to review their stormwater management financing needs and strategies so as to meet both fiscal and water quality goals. The project looked at two municipalities for comparison with respect to how they manage stormwater and how they finance activities in the context of their MS4 permit. Silver Spring Township has been an MS4 permittee but now must incorporate Chesapeake Bay TMDL goals in its permit activities. It is more densely developed. South Middleton Township is a bit more rural in character and is new to the MS4 program. By looking at the similarities and differences between these two municipalities, the recommended strategies were developed to be relevant to the full set of municipalities that participate in the Capitol Region Council of Governments. 


Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Silver Spring Township, South Middleton Township, Capitol Region Council of Governments



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