Residential Action Framework & Stormwater Outreach Campaign, City of Gaithersburg, MD

Through its Sustainable Maryland program, EFC is working with homeowners and civic associations (HOAs/CAs) in the City of Gaithersburg, Maryland. This education effort aims to increase awareness about natural resources and watershed protection issues; increase the rate of residential participation in sustainability efforts; and engage the leadership and residents of HOAs/CAs in the implementation of sustainability and watershed protection activities. In the initial phase of the project, EFC developed a residential action framework with high-level action categories to help HOAs/CAs prioritize their sustainability efforts and provide basic guidance and resources for taking action. The project also includes the convening “Sustainability Summits” focused on the role HOAs/CAs can play in natural resource and watershed protection, and the tools and resources available to support action. Other activities include “train the trainer” sessions on how to develop Green Teams, how to develop messaging about sustainability and watershed protection, and how to use the SM Residential Action Framework to plan and implement on-the-ground actions. Finally, EFC is working with select communities to help them establish HOA Green Teams and draft sustainability action plans.



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