Financing Feasibility Study for Stormwater Management in the City of Bowie, MD

In August 2012, the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) began a stormwater financing feasibility study for the City of Bowie. With funding from the  Maryland Department of Natural Resources Watershed Assistance Collaborative, the goal of the project was to provide recommendations to the City of Bowie on ways to finance and better manage stormwater protection activities for the long term. The EFC also conducted stormwater related outreach and educational activities targeted to the general public, community leaders, and elected officials. 

Information was collected and analyzed on the City of Bowie’s current and future stormwater management needs, taxing and fee structure, budget allocations, and the costs associated with meeting their Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP). The project concluded in August 2013 with a set of financing recommendations that best fit the City of Bowie’s needs for a fair, equitable, dedicated, and sustainable revenue source to pay for all future stormwater management activities.





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