The Pioneer Endicott: St Thomas University

The Pioneer Endicott is a residential and commercial mixed cultural landmark of the St. Paul Skyline. The project has beenredeveloped on a 380,000-square-foot lot of three buildings. The 16-story Pioneer building and the two Endicott buildings were bought in2011 and restoration began in July 2012. Historic renovation andrestoration continued over the course of two years, with the building opening in 2014. The buildings were converted from office use to234 market-rate luxury rental units and more than 30,000 square feetof commercial space on both the first and second levels. The project incorporated retail wine and spirits, a locally owned chocolate shop,the Project Space gallery for the Minnesota Museum of American Artand will eventually house the Minnesota Museum of American Art completed gallery which will be the anchor for the Pioneer Endicott. Future plans for the commercial space include development into a brew-house bar leased by 12welve Eyes Brewing, as well as a restaurant that is currently negotiating lease terms.

Semester / Year
Fall 2016

Team Members

Tina Angell
Brandon Doyle
Nathan Thorvilson

Faculty Advisors

Herb Tousley
Program / Center Affiliation

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