Real Estate Development Minor: Admissions

Undergraduates with an interest in real estate can now complete a minor in real estate development. The minor provides students with an overview of sustainable real estate development, including the development process, the basics of real estate finance, urban planning and design and the unique roles of government and the private sector. 

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Admission & Application Requirements

This minor is available to all Maryland undergraduate students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher who have completed ARCH271/RDEV250 with a "C-" or better. Students intending on applying for the minor will need to complete ARCH271/RDEV250 before they reach 60 credits and officially apply 2 years prior to their intended graduation date.  The Real Estate Development minor is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the real estate industry and can be taken as a stepping stone to more advanced graduate work in real estate or a related professional field.

1. Interested students must complete this application for the Real Estate Development Minor and email it to

2. Students must sign up for an appointment with the real estate development minor advisor before you are admitted to the minor. Be sure to print off your unofficial transcript and bring it to this meeting. 

3. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis

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