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Zachary Watson Bishop

Executive Committee Member, reACT ThinkTank
GIS Analyst
2017 Solar Decathlete


Zack Bishop is a 2020 graduate of the Environmental Science and Policy Program at the University of Maryland, College Park. He participated in the 2017 Solar Decathlon with lead responsibility for developing specification sheets of the plumbing system for the competition house reACT. Zack also contributed to the creation of reACT by leading the construction of an ADA-accessible ramp as well as weatherproofing the house. Zack has collaborated with other solar decathletes and members of the Piscataway and Nanticoke tribes to develop and publish a learning module focused on the Living Systems and Waste of reACT. He is the Education Deputy Leader for a sustainability project called Ripple. Ripple is a native plant garden and seed bank that is being developed in rural Nevada in an effort to preserve ecological wisdom and biodiversity, as well as serve local Native American tribes. He served as an advisor to the 2021 Solar District Cup and continues to be an active member of the reACT ThinkTank. Zack’s interests include teaching, sustainability, construction, and gardening.

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Zachary Bishop (reACT ThinkTank) Iconic projects

B.S. Environmental Science and Policy, Concentration in Land Use
University of Maryland, College Park
Graduated May 2020