Redowan Kabir Kaushik

Redowan Kabir Kaushik

Graduate Research Assistant, reACT ThinkTank


Redowan Kabir Kaushik is a graduate student in the Community Planning Program at the School of Architecture, Preservation, and Planning.

Being an architect taught me to observe the aesthetics in my surroundings in a unique way. Even the simple lines and planes in nature amaze me, intrigue me to incorporate their nuances in my works. Veering from nature, as I gaze upon life, a threading canvas; interplay of human interactions inspires me. In the age of digital divides, I strongly believe we all have lessons to learn from the sublime inclusivity that nature has been nurturing since the beginning of civilization. I believe architecture and planning should not be for luxury only, rather it should flaunt simplicity, it should be sensitive towards diversity. At the core of my work, place making stands out prominently ensuring sustainability of the environment and collaboration with the community.

Iconic Projects (Flickr Album)

Redowan Kabir Kaushik (reACT ThinkTank) Iconic Projects

Masters in Community Planning
University of Maryland