Brittany N. Wong

Brittany N. Wong

PhD Student


I am interested in the arrangement of urban structures and typologies as well as the development of and the relationship between urban housing and public spaces with regard to the cultural and sociological aspects of urban planning that affect the various scales of society, from density and demographics to personal and global dimensions. More specifically, my research centers on examining the impact of gentrification and neighborhood change on low-income communities of color, including the displacement of longtime residents and small businesses, and the importance of equitable development strategies that focus on limiting disruptions and amplifying any benefits to long-term residents.


Willow Lung-Aman



Gentrification & neighborhood change; Right to the city & community empowerment; Equitable development & participatory planning; Placemaking & community development



Co-Instructor, URSP 688Z: Planning and Design in the Multicultural Metropolis, Fall 2019
Co-Instructor, URSP 673: Community Development, Spring 2020



UMD Built Environment Ambassador, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
Student Member, Urban Affairs Association
Student Member, American Planning Association



My graduate school experience and the desire to explore and understand the issues facing urbanism at the neighborhood and city, state, and regional levels have shaped my career goals towards developing practical solutions that are people-centered and meet the needs of society while still playing a powerful role in improving the human condition. After receiving my PhD, I plan to pursue a career in academia as well as gain additional experience working at research or policy institutions.

PhD in Urban and Regional Planning and Design
University of Maryland
In Progress
Master of Architecture
Pennsylvania State University
Bachelor of Architecture
The University of Arizona