Showing What Accessible Transportation for All Could Look Like

May 5, 2023

Landscape artchitect student reviewing PG county trail plans
Image Caption
PG County's Trail Development Program Manager, Robert Patten, reviews plans with Landscape architecture student Mara Wolfe. Landscape architecture student Mara Wolfe. Photo: Catherine Madsen.
Written by Kimbra Cutlip

Landscape architecture students partner with PG County for the Bowie Complete Streets Project which was established through PALS.

With spring fully underway, sidewalks, trails and bike lanes are beginning to team with life again, and in most U.S. cities and suburbs, that invites direct conflict between users of different modes of transportation. Cyclists and scooters weave between leisurely walkers and people pushing strollers. Roller skaters and pedestrians with canes navigate intersections alongside impatient car drivers.

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