Mohammad Gharipour Receives 2024 Architectural Education Award

By Brianna Rhodes / Feb 19, 2024 / Updated Feb 23, 2024

2024 Architectural Education Awards and Mohammad Gharipour
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Mohammad Gharipour, director of the Architecture Program received ACSA's Distinguished Professor Award.

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) has announced Mohammad Gharipour, the director of the Architecture Program, as a 2024 Architectural Education Awards recipient. The national awards honor architectural educators' exemplary work in building design, community collaborations, scholarship and service. 

ACSA represents over 200 schools and 6,000 architecture faculty, including MAPP. Gharipour is one of the two recipients receiving the Distinguished Professor Award, which recognizes professors who "have had a positive, stimulating, and nurturing influence on students." He was nominated for the award by the dean of MAPP, Dawn Jourdan and then selected for the recognition as one of the two awardees by a panel including former ACSA distinguished professors. 

"I was really honored to be one of the awardees this year, especially given that I am the first one from the University of Maryland," Gharipour said. "This honor means a lot to me because it's a recognition of the non-linear path I have taken in my journey and stands as a tribute to the exceptional contributions of the many students and colleagues I have had the privilege to work with throughout my career."

As a multifaceted scholar, Gharipour has received many prestigious awards through his role as a mentor, author and educator who strives to amplify overlooked voices within the built environment and architecture space.

As architects, it is our moral responsibility to care about endangered communities and heritage and take actions to support them. - Mohammad Gharipour

His research ranges from documenting endangered places in the Islamic world to conceiving solutions for Maryland's most vulnerable populations. His work exemplifies his dedication to creating meaningful change, which he shows through his leadership and engagement with students in the architecture program. 

“I think one of the things that probably distinguishes my work is the kind of work that I have done with students from diverse backgrounds," Gharipour said, reflecting on his 19-year career. “This notion of diversity has not been confined solely to my teaching practices but also profoundly influences my research approach. Being an immigrant, I have faced inequities throughout my career, which has instilled in me a deep commitment to reducing barriers for students in our program. This dedication to diversity and inclusivity is reflected in both the subjects I choose to explore and the methodologies I employ to ensure that our academic environment is welcoming and accessible to all.”

Gharipour admits that, of all the awards he has received, this honor is very special to him. It highlights his role in influencing change in the classroom and through mentorship. He gives a lot of credit to Dean Jourdan, who he says has provided him and his colleagues with all the resources, freedom and support they need to create new initiatives, which are allowing the school to become a global hub through new international collaborations. In return, Dean Jourdan recognizes Gharipour’s significant contributions to the school in just 17 months of serving as director of the Architecture Program. 

"The wide range of recognition that he has received from various organizations reveals that Dr. Gharipour is a true entrepreneur, researcher and professor," Dean Jourdan said. "His innovations in both research and teaching have not only raised the standards and inspired many of his colleagues at the University of Maryland but also have impacted many researchers, faculty members, and students throughout the world.

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