Explore the 2023 Summer Education Abroad Trip to Italy

By Brianna Rhodes / Aug 24, 2023 / Updated Aug 25, 2023

Students posing in a plaza in Siena, Italy
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MAPP students on the Italy education abroad trip. Photo taken in Sienna, Italy, courtesy of Brian Kelly.

Italy is known for its distinguished architecture and picturesque landscapes, and students in the Architecture Program got a chance to witness the country’s beauty during an education abroad trip to Florence and Tuscany this summer.

Led by Professor and Associate Dean Brian Kelly, students learned about the architectural landscape of Florence and Tuscany, as well as their rich urbanistic, artistic and cultural traditions.

Students completed most of their studies and coursework in buildings, gardens and piazzas, such as the Piazza della Signoria and San Biagio Church. They learned about the history of the areas through readings, lectures, field trips, museum visits and by engaging with native experts. 

You can view some of the summer experience in the photo gallery below: 

Brian Kelly and students during Italy abroad trip
Professor Brian Kelly (left) and Architecture students in Piazza della Signoria in Siena during their summer study abroad trip to Italy. 


Certosa di Firenze Cortile
Certosa di Firenze Cortile. Photo courtesy of Brian Kelly.


Students in Certosa
Architecture students in at Certosa di Firenze. Photo courtesy of Brian Kelly.


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