Harlem Park Baltimore: Urban Design and The “Left-over” City Five Options for Revitalization

This report provides an overview of the 2018 Graduate Level Urban Design Studio at the University of Maryland School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. The major project of the semester was the analysis and development of proposals for the Harlem Park neighborhood in Baltimore with a focus as well on the Route 40 “Highway to Nowhere”. Emphasis was placed on plan strategies for the neighborhood, strategies for the re-use/transformation of the highway and proposals that examine how a lower density neighborhood can be developed from the fragments of vacancy, urban space and infrastructure.

Semester / Year

Team Members

Alia Abu- Douleh
Christina Wan Lauren
Lauren Gilmartin
Antoinette Black
Andrea Nichols
Emma Weber
Amy Duan
Juhi Goel
Andrea De Carlo
Sara Conover
Ana Nicolich
Patricia Rowedder
Emily Broxmeyer
Chris Ramirez
Marissa Tonkay
Adan Ramos
Kyle Huck
Sara G. Samar
Casey Huntington
Sarah Wright

Faculty Advisors

Trim Bertschinger, AIA
Program / Center Affiliation

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