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Treva Ellison

Treva Ellison (they/them)
Founder, Do.Deca.Hedron

Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies,
Pomona College

Hot Take Conversation with NOMAS

Treva EllisonTreva Ellison is an inter-disciplinary scholar and artist and whose research is at the intersections of trans and queer historiography, Black geographies, and history and theories of state power. Treva’s writing appears in places such as Transgender Studies Quarterly, The Black Scholar, Radical History Review, and Scholar and Feminist Online. Treva's artwork has been exhibited at the William Grants Still Art Center in Los Angeles, California, Recess Access Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, and NYU's Hemispheric Institute.

Treva is an Assistant Professor Gender and Women’s Studies at Pomona College, where they are completing their manuscript, The Promise of Black Gender, a book that historicizes the articulation of black trans and queer criminality in Los Angeles in relation to the racialization of space. In March 2019, Treva inherited a home on 7 acres of land in rural southwest Georgia. Treva is currently transforming the nuclear family home, now known as do.deca.hedron, into a residency program and small-scale instructional farm for Black and Indigenous LGBTQI artists and activists. You can learn more about do.deca.hedron at www.blackspatialarts.com 


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