Safeguarding Irreplicable in the Midst of the War: Ukraine

A building in ruins
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Museum of Ukrainian Antiquities - the Library of Youth in Chernihiv, March 2023, credit HeMo.
Presented by the Historic Preservation Program, a Marvin Breckinridge Patterson Lecture


This event will outline the immediate threats and risks posed by the war on the cultural heritage of Ukraine. Attacks on heritage and identity during this conflict have been wide-reaching and have included targeted attacks within historic cities, the destruction of cultural sites and the looting of museums and archival collections. While the war and its effect on Ukrainian heritage is permanently unfolding, certain tactical steps on the ground pave the opportunity for long term post-war recovery. Join us to hear about lessons learned from the work on protection of heritage in Ukraine in the situation of ongoing war.

kAteryna Goncharova

Kateryna Goncharova

Ukraine Heritage Specialist for the World Monuments Fund

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