Restorative Justice’s Opportunities and Challenges in Lakeland, College Park


3835 Campus Drive
Architecture Building (145 ARC)
College Park, MD 20742
United States

She Will Rise mural behind wired fence
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"She Will Rise" mural in Washington, D.C. Art by Rachel Wolfe-Goldsmith. Photo courtesy of Ted Eytan via Flickr (

Part of the “Restorative Justice in the Built Environment” Interdisciplinary Dialogue SeriesOpen to all students, faculty, and staff at MAPP+D, across the University of Maryland, College Park, the Lakeland community, and the larger community.



This session is an introduction to the Dialogue Series and to the Lakeland community. Topics include past and current planning challenges in Lakeland and formation of the Restorative Justice Commission in College Park, addressing the questions:

  • What is restorative justice?
  • What are or should be the goals of the Restorative Justice Commission?


Dialogue Participants:
Dr. Mary C. Sies, Lakeland Community Heritage Project
Maxine Gross, Lakeland community leader
Terry Schum, College Park planning representative
Prof. Andrew Fellows and Dr. Isabella Alcañiz, Restorative Justice Commissioners

Hannah Cameron, 
URPD PhD student 

Willie Sellers, 
Lakelander baker and retired firefighter, and UMD master student


Dialogue Series Schedule:


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