Healthy Places Seed Grant - Mid-Award Roundtable


3835 Campus Drive
Architecture Building (145 ARC)
College Park, MD 20742
United States

People in an urban farm with buildings in the background
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An urban city farm. Photo: Lena McBean

All MAPP, SPH and UMD faculty, staff and students are invited to participate in this first meeting of the Healthy Places Seed Grant Awardees, progress discussion roundtable (in-person).

This 2-hour meeting will be held on Thursday, November 30 from 1-3 pm. All are welcome, but please register. Light refreshments will be served.


Dawn Jourdan, Esq., Ph.D., AICP
Dean, School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

Boris D. Lushniak, MD, MPH
Dean, School of Public Health

Please register             List of Awardees


1:00 pm

Welcome, opening remarks, introduce charge - Dawn Jourdan, MAPP Dean and SPH Dean Boris Lushniak 

Refreshments will be available from the start of the meeting.

1:20 pm

PANEL - Progress, vignettes and roundtable discussion: Facilitator - Robin Puett

  • Updates and Vignettes
    • Matthews, Barrie: All of the Heights: Exploring Spatial Memory in the Experiences of Community Members in The Heights Neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. and Maryland Impacted by Migration and Gentrification
      • Developing community partnerships
    • Finio, Dawkins, Wu: Gentrification and Displacement in the Purple Line Corridor
      • Early results & interdisciplinary gains
    • Xu: Community Hub – From Neighborhood School to UCAP Headquarters
      • Progress
    • Porter, Bersani, Doherty, Harvey: Improving Park Safety and Building Healthier Communities: An In-depth Comparison of Crime-Hot and Crime-Cold Parks in Urban Baltimore
      • Working with students
  • Roundtable: Discussion, questions, advice.
2:00 pm

Recap from panel discussion facilitators (Robin Puett and Gerrit Knaap)

2:05 pm

PANEL:  Progress, vignettes and roundtable discussion: Facilitator - Gerrit Knaap

  • Updates and Vignettes 

    • May: Lines in Space: Molding et al 

      • Managing research time and other commitments

    • Somashekhar, Thomas, Hirshberg: Art, Equity and Building Community Trust: A Pilot Project to Address Displacement along the Purple Line Corridor

      • interdisciplinary barriers, successes, methods for overcoming barriers

    • Ezban: Seeing Blinds: Architecture for Avian Landscapes

      • Milestone challenges

    • Irazabal, Aparicio, Alvarez: Trauma-Informed Practices in Urban Planning for Immigrant Integration: Learning from Health-Related Disciplines

      • interdisciplinary gains & literature review findings

  • Roundtable: Discussion, questions, advice.
2:45 pm

Recap from panel discussion facilitator (Robin Puett and Gerrit Knaap)

2:50 pm

Concluding remarks; networking