The Dupont Underground: Layered History & Possible Futures


3835 Campus Drive
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People standing in front of red curtains, a projection reads The Dupont Underground in the background
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Lindsey May, Director of the Kibel Gallery and Jack Solomon, architect and animator, who commissioned the animation for the exhibit "Dupont Underground: Layered History and Possible Futures." Photo: Jelena Dakovic.
Dupont Underground purple rendering
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A screenshot from the specially commissioned animation by architect and animator, Jack Solomon. The animation will be displayed at the exhibit "The Dupont Underground: Layered History & Possible Futures."
People sitting on wooden cubes and talking while a projection shows the Dupont underground
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Attendees at the Kibel Gallery exhibit opening for the "Dupont Underground: Layered History and Possible Futures". Photo: Jelena Dakovic.

The Kibel Gallery is proud to present The Dupont Underground: History & Potential Futures, a specially commissioned animation investigating the once abandoned underground streetcar station that has been transformed into a cultural institution for arts and architecture in Washington, D.C. 's Dupont Circle. Drawing on a wide range of archival material, the animation explores each historic period of Dupont Circle’s development, the relationship between above ground and subterranean structures, and how the Dupont Underground is animating this previously underutilized space through art, architecture, and other cultural production. At the confluence of architecture, planning, historic preservation, and real estate, the Dupont Underground is an exemplar of how the School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation’s disciplines can produce synergistic opportunities for the improvement of cities and civil life.

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