The Architecture of Disability


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The Architecture of Disability book cover by author David Gissen. Minimalist illustrations of stairs colored in pink yellow and green.
Part of the spring 2023 architecture series + Events

David Gissen

David Gissen,
Author, designer, and educator 





In this presentation, David will outline a few key concepts from his new book, The Architecture of Disability: Buildings, Cities and Landscapes Beyond Access (University of Minnesota Press, 2022). From the publisher: "Disability critiques of architecture usually emphasize the need for modification and increased access, but The Architecture of Disability calls for a radical reorientation of this perspective by situating experiences of impairment as a new foundation for the built environment. With its provocative proposal for “the construction of disability,” this book fundamentally reconsiders how we conceive of and experience disability in our world."



David Gissen is an author and designer based in New York City. He is Professor of Architecture and Urban History at Parsons School of Design/The New School and a visiting professor at Columbia GSAPP. In addition to The Architecture of Disability, he is the author of the books Subnature (2009) and Manhattan Atmospheres (2013).

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