Canada: Culture + Place

Canada: Culture + Place is a graduate visual analysis course that explores place making in eastern Canadian cities, and the relationship between form, craft, and culture. A central goal of the course is an exploration of the role that culture, geography, and history contributes to architectural form through the investigation of the built and natural environment in the region. The scope will include an examination of the built environment of the eastern capitol metropolitan areas of Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, along with excursions to further and distant sites outside of the urban centers.

The built and natural environments of the places explored in Eastern Canadian capitals will be the primary laboratories for this course. Places experienced will include historic as well as contemporary examples, and include urban design as well as buildings, including their details, and an examination of how the buildings are constructed. A focus of the course is to explore and examination the relationship between culture, building, and form in this particular place of the world.

*Additional scholarship opportunities for ARCH majors are available and students should consult directly with the Architecture Program.

Semester / Year
Summer 2020

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