TA/GA Information

The PhD program anticipates approximately three research assistantships available to students in the PhD Program in Urban and Regional Planning and Design each year. In addition, the National Center for Smart Growth supports approximately three PhD Students each year.

Some of our students serve as teaching assistants (TAs) for our undergraduate courses, while others assist a faculty member’s research project (GAs). The assistantships are either part time (10 hours per week) or full time (20 hours per week); in exchange, the student receives a stipend, tuition remission, and participation in the Maryland State Employees Health Insurance Program. A part-time TA or GA receives 5 hours of tuition remission for each semester worked, while a full-time TA or GA receives 10 hours of tuition remission for each semester worked. Both part-time and full-time TAs and GAs are charged the in-state Maryland tuition rate for any credits above 5 (or 10) that they take in a given semester. We have a limited number of these positions each semester.

Please note that GA positions are available through other University of Maryland departments, programs, or offices. Several of our students have received part- or full-time GA positions with other campus programs in recent years. Notices and descriptions of these positions are available at https://ejobs.umd.edu under “Graduate Assistants”.

Contact Hiroyuki Iseki, PhD Program Director